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The role of money

In the modern world, money plays one of the key roles, as basically in order to possess anything, a person exchanges his time and knowledge for money. While some people waste their possessions immediately, others save them up for future bigger purchases. Personally speaking, I believe that keeping a certain line of needs and wasting money on something much more influential, than seafood in a cafe is the only way.

Firstly, each and every is able to be cognizant of their priorities. Nowadays, with a capitalistic approach in almost every country, people have opportunities to open their businesses, and work for solid companies online, moreover with a creative way of thinking person is even able to invent his own new profession. For instance, technological development brought us to the point of artificial intellect, consequently with new high-tech comes new high-tech professions. Forty years ago, no one could even think to create an online currency that would provide stability and security for the user, nonetheless, people adapted and started to earn money from that, which they could invest into something new in the future. That is why the ability to collect money is essential since money must be active in order to have a profit.

Secondly, social status, regardless of intelligence, a person may possess social acceptance with the money in possession, despite that with tremendous rapidity one can lose everything, therefore the ability to anticipate future obstacles may be vastly crucial. One example of that is one of the most important economical disasters in Wolve street, during the Great Depression, people were in a miserable position, once a millionaire, after those events people were announcing their bankruptcy one after another. Terrible events, even so the great example of how to persevere issues with durability, not with luxury. 

In conclusion, I want to say that money savings, as well as economic acknowledge, is an ability and as any ability it can be learned, therefore personally I choose a stable future, instead of momentary pleasure.

Problems affecting our society

Nowadays society is the most divided one in the history of human beings, accordingly, the problems are divided as well. However, the main obstacles that people can not penetrate through are ecological, social, and technical. Some people discuss that the solution to those problems could be found within our century. In my opinion, people should concentrate on a few main problems and create a basis for solutions, so future generations would be easier to continue the way to a brighter future. 

To begin with, ecological complications are excessively crucial nowadays as people play with the most dangerous enemy, nature. As far as people abusing nature in order to possess some goods, nature would take its own steps and clearly show that everything has its solid consequences. For instance, global warming is an impact of steps by humanity against nature, but for the benefit of it. Consequently, the impact is a colossal, tsunami, level of sea and ocean water, are only the beginning of the list. Even if people start to obligate companies and organizations for overuse of natural materials, the thousands and millions of years of damage cannot be fixed even in two centuries. Nevertheless, our generation should begin to collect information and make a feasible plan of reconstruction of the connection between humans and nature.

Second, social and technological division, as capitalism is the place of individuals, corruption is here as well. So the poorer countries are filled with the high class and working class who are against each other. For instance, in my own country, which was part of the USSR, like the other third world countries, people are culturally degraded, so the government is able to control the feelings and thoughts of the society. In addition to the development of high-technologies, people’s thoughts are injected with an unlimited amount of dopamine, so people’s attention is concentrated not on social problems, but the amount of pleasure they reach over the day. Personally, I believe that both social and technological issues could be fixed within our lifespan. 

In conclusion, my hopes and thoughts are directed to the future where everyone feels comfortable, but I consider that utopias are not possible, but the belief of achieving it one day can help us move forward.

Original books or their adaptation?

Since the dawn of time movies and books were strongly related to each other, as the film industry has a much smaller history, the adaptation of written stories is always a fine decision to collect the audience even without marketing. Nevertheless, the public faces one common obstacle, to reading the adapted before or after the movie. In my personal opinion, the choice should depend on the purposes of the person, however, I prefer to watch movies, before reading books.

To begin with, nowadays people try to grasp information as fast as possible, therefore mostly films became entertainment instruments to waste time on something that wouldn’t be scratchy. While books still have their own solid audience, the amounts are incomparable, so to tell the story to the hugger public, a movie would be the best option. One example of that is the popularity of “Harry Potter” and how the movie adaptation brought colossal quantities of book readers, who may be enjoyed the original even more, with the all-new details. Accordingly, movies may not only create their own big fan base but also help book writers with the sells. 

Secondly, the time has elapsed, so as audience preferences while the older generation would prefer to read a book, the younger generation undoubtedly spends more time on their phones, consequently, the most visible difference between films and books is a visualization and how through the clip person possesses the story. As a result, people take a story that visualization through the video in a limited amount of time, rather than a more slowly temped book, which requires time for a detailed story.

In conclusion, I want to say that a person must read and watch as the experiences are both unique and may give a colossal effect on a person. However, in the time of less free time and due to the reasons above I personally prefer films instead of books.

Many kinds of music and their impact on us.

In today’s world, art in any form is entirely integrated into the lives of modest people, therefore it’s divided into various divisions, and subcultures and those approaches each had their own notions and fan bases. Accordingly, there is always a debate between followers of those approaches which is better, mostly the question is “ Does more cultural and academic classical music outcome the pop music of nowadays world ?”. In my opinion, both of them can either be subjectively worth listening to or not, nevertheless, there are some factors that show how much impact has been done and maybe will do the song. I personally prefer to listen to everything that I like, despite genre or fan base.

To begin with, the undoubtedly outstanding impact on the basics of music that the classic genre has done overtime must not be neglected, as popular music nowadays wouldn’t be the same, if classic music would disappear. In addition, most of today’s music is just a simplified version of their ancestors. One example of that is a popular song by “Beatles”, which is the basis of one of Bach’s music. Therefore, classical music had a much bigger impact on our days than pop music. As a result, today’s world wouldn’t be the same if people had no background in music theory. 

Secondly, all of us are able to grasp the reason that some pop authors are distinguished. Because there are many reasons and options, researchers had revealed the criteria of an attractive song for a general audience. As long as people want something energetic and driving, many artists would be beloved, however, in the probable future, their impact would be less meaningful and powerful, as the classical music producers. In addition, there are 3 basics of perfect music, in my opinion. First is the theoretically pleasurable sound that a person unconsciously satisfies. The second factors are the words and meaning of a text, which can imply some metaphorical comparisons and declare social problems. Last but not least is the context of the time in which the song was produced, hence the song becomes a part of people’s common notions,  even without the agreement of an author. For instance, the song of Viktor Tsoi “ Changes ” was used as an anthem of the working class to start the reforms in order to get a more liberal government. Despite the fact that Tsoi didn’t imply the precise reforms in the USSR, its popularity and context in which it was produced into the brand new appropriation. So in order to possess an ideal song, all of those three aspects must be in harmony, in spite of the fact that classical music isn’t able to build that harmony, pop music can and is becoming more influential. 

In conclusion, I want to say that personages must analyze needs by their own benefits and requirements, thus both classical and pop music has their own cons and pros. I personally mix every kind of music in order to get the most possible impact on my mind.