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Homework for 08.11.19

1.It HAS BEEN very cold this year. I wonder when it WILL GET warmer.

2.I FLEW over Loch Ness last week. — DID YOU SEE the Loch Ness monster ?

3.DID YOU WEARyour hair long when you were at school ? -Yes, my mother WANTED it like that.

4.When he AWOKE she WAS SITTING by the window. She WAS LOOKING at something in the street, but when he CALLED her she TURNED and SMILED at him.

5.She said that the car WAS TRAVELING at 40 m.p.h. when it BEGAN to skid.

6.Why ARE YOU WALKING so fast today ? You usually WALK quite slowly.

7.This car IS MAKING a very strange noise. DO YOU THINK it is all right ?

8.It HAS BEEN SNOWING for three days now. The roads will be blocked if it DOES NOT STOP soon.

9.He HAS WRITTEN ten letters before breakfast.

10.HAVE YOU SEEN my friend Cyril lately ?-No,I HAVE NOT SEEN him for more than a week.


12.He LOST his watch while he WAS SEEING the sights of the city.

13.A few years ago he LIVED in Germany where he WAS WORKING  as a journalist.

14.I HAD JUST COME down the stairs when my friend RANG the door bell.

15.My mother WAS PREPARING fish when the doctor arrived.

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